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Let’s build civic assets to transform how we generate and allocate value.

Our cities are brimming with civic assets. These are the resources from which our communities stand to derive many benefits regardless of ‘ownership’. While focusing on ownership is helpful to bring order to our world, we believe (along with Nobel-prize winner Elinor Ostrom and others) it has led us on a path of false dichotomies and arbitrary demarcations. These assets, after all, do not exist in isolation; what gives them their value is the surrounding functioning of our environmental, economic and social systems – our natural assets and human activities that shape the resource.

These civic assets include, but go well beyond, typical municipal ‘assets’ (those that show on a city’s balance sheet such as roads, streets, sewers and water systems). They include both tangible and intangible resources. A civic asset-based approach therefore starts from what we already have and co-creates a management approach which maintains and enhances our shared infrastructures.

04 — Shared Futures: Assets & Liabilities

Climate resilience, healthy population, housing for all, community relationships, political legitimacy, Indigenous sovereignties.

03 — Collective Data Assets

Everything data (mobility, energy use, online activity, social media, medical & genetic, financial, loyalty card, geolocation, etc.), predictive and decision-making capabilities.

02 — Civic Infrastructure Assets

Sewers, water treatment facilities, energy distribution systems, internet, telecommunications, roads, public transit, bridges, airports, ports, parkings, heritage buildings, social housing, schools, universities, libraries, parks.

01 — Natural Assets

Trees, wetlands, aquifers, sun, wind, biodiversity, ecosystems, reefs, foreshores, micro-organisms, clean air.

00 — Land Rights & Assets

The places we live on.

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